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Over the decades, the objective of shelter has remained essentially unchanged: to create a healthy, comfortable, energy efficient home.  The basic requirements for such a structure haven't changed either:

           controlling the flows of air, heat, and moisture.

   But the sophistication and variety of ways we achieve those objectives are changing rapidly.



Our Mission

At Environmental Quality Control, we think investing in a healthy, comfortable indoor environment while conserving energy makes good sense for everyone.



Company Profile

We respond to issues of siting (solar gain and hydrology); discuss the basic approach to the structure: (foundation types, wall, ceiling, and floor assemblies), window technologies, insulation materials, and heating, cooling, and ventilation strategies.  Locating mechanical equipment, and coordinating return and supply ductwork within the structure during design precludes unfortunate compromises later.

A computer model of the building is created to analyze the thermal envelope, perform heating,  cooling and airflow calculations, and assess the performance of equipment.  Insulation and HVAC budgets and operating costs are provided.

If our proposals are accepted, Environmental Quality Control will design the HVAC system, coordinate the mechanical contractor with other subcontractors, and have the structure insulated.  Upon completion of the building, we will commission the systems, turning them over to the owner, and remain responsible for balancing airflow.



Contact Information

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